Stephen Paul
Psychotherapy, Coaching and Training
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I  offer supervision to individual professionals, therapists, teams and services. I have had many  years of experience and am trained and qualified in supervision.
A number of practising therapists, psychologists, teams and related professionals work with me in this way.  With a background in the professional training  of counsellors and psychotherapists, I   also work with trainee counsellors and therapists.
Supervision, for me, is working with you in relation to your professional needs. It is collaborative.
I am happy to meet with you and discuss how we might work together.
"Stephen has been my supervisor for over 4 years  now. I experience my supervision as open and transparent; I do not hesitate to discuss any issue and am confident that I will be met with unconditional positive regard and empathic understanding. I really enjoy that he facilitates my challenging of my own practice, application of theory into practice, personal development, philosophical discussion and exploration. His wealth of experience as a practitioner, tutor, author and supervisor benefit the supervisory relationship." R.M.


Over the years, Individuals and teams have worked with me in relation to the management of their  agencies or departments. This work is very similar to indivudal supervision and is tailored to the needs of you as my client.
Staff from organisations such as The Prison Service, NHS,  local schools and business have worked with me.
Do get in contact to discuss.