Stephen Paul
Psychotherapy, Coaching and Training
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Counselling & Psychotherapy

Short-term counselling or longer-term psychotherapy is offered depending on the needs of each individual. Therapy may focus on deeper life issues. I am able to work with a whole range of issues.
My approach  is person-centred which means I work    together with you to help you resolve and work through your difficulties.
I have a humanistic philosophy.  I trust,  that given the right help you can find the best answers for yourself and that  you have a built in potential to grow and to move towards fulfilment in your life.
 I offer Individual, couple or family therapy to help people to cope with, overcome or adjust to a variety of problems

Who do I work with:

Over the years I have worked with people with a wide range of life issues:
Some people may have a current life problem.
For others there may be more deep rooted issues.
Whilst  certain people suffering from trauma related  problems that need to be resolved.
You may be searching for meaning and purpose in your life.
It is often helpful to have a meeting to discuss your particular situation and needs prior to starting to work together to see if we can work together.